The One Man Mob


He is immortal due to being a legacy
Gold Level Moderator. He is a master of disguise due to practice character sheet-
swapping. He has all expected moderator powers and a few bits of Russian hacked
software/items. Has 3 game-breaking cheat abilities, 3 major cheats, and an indefinite
number of convenience cheats.

Game Breaking cheats:
Respawn just out of sight after death
Generate multiple top-level experienced characters (takes more time with more depth)
Grenades that can force force multiple players to be fast traveled to any locations

Major cheats:
Character hot-swaps
Imitate NPCs (to npcs, players, and other mods)
One Shot Man Colt M1911A1

Convenience cheats:
Cutscene Director mode (minor mood tweaks)
Access player account info
Player account copying
Superficial Clothing Swaps
Message any player
Fast travel to preset locations
Bring players and NPCs while fast traveling
See player logs
Start/Complete quests for players
Automatic good rep with all NPCs
Restore Player Items
Banning Players
Creating convenience items
Spawn arch-typical NPCs
Access to Mod forums


Real name: Elliot L├ępine

Loner who threw himself into The.City and his role as a mod with multiple event accounts.

The One Man Mob

The.City Teleute